Top Reasons To Buy 1s Battery Charger For Your R/C Devices

Thursday June 17, 2021 01:00 AM To Thursday September 22, 2022 01:00 AM

New york, US

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Gone are the days when people used to purchase disposable alkaline or ion batteries for their remote-controlled (R/C) devices. These types of batteries do not require chargers because it will be disposed immediately once fully drained or used.

Thanks to technology, you can now choose more advanced batteries and chargers that are compatible with your R/C models. Introducing lithium polymer batteries and chargers, it’s best recommended by hobbyists and experts because of its reliability, ease of use and affordability.

So, if you are planning to buy a charger for your lipo batteries, here are the top reasons on why you should purchase 1s battery charger for your R/C devices.

• Environment-friendly

The world is already populated; it might be ideal if you can contribute in your little ways by choosing environment-friendly chargers. Fortunately, lipo chargers are free from any harmful chemicals or elements that may endanger the environment. Many quality lipo chargers are manufactured with environment-friendly materials used. Rest assured this type of charger can still provide better charging features and capability.

• Good safety performance

Like other batteries, lipo chargers must be keep and used in a well-balanced temperature for safety. A good lipo charger has the feature to detect the time remaining for the battery to be fully charged as well as the temperature when it’s going to the extreme.

• High voltage

Lipo batteries requires specific voltage so that they can provide better performance when used in R/C devices. That is why most reliable lipo chargers have high voltage capability. This is to ensure that the lipo batteries are properly charged.

• Good charging and discharging qualities

Good lipo chargers can make lipo batteries full correctly. Note that lipo batteries have more stable discharge qualities with higher discharge platforms, making the batteries in full charged in a span of an hour or two.

• Longer lifespan

Under normal conditions and properly maintained, lipo chargers can prolong its lifespan.

• Customizable shape

With the advancement of technology, more modern chargers now vary in different shapes that suits your trend and taste. Although these are in customizable shapes, the usage and performance are still the same. It still provides charging capability to your lipo batteries.

• Affordable

If you’re looking for something cheap yet durable, lipo chargers are the best option. Apart from its impressive features, these chargers are known to be affordable as well.

• Sturdy

Not all chargers can last a long period and provides better charging performance over time. But, lipo chargers are designed with higher reliability to ensure it does not affects its sole purpose, which is charging capability. Hence, they are made to durable and sturdy.


With its rising demand and popularity, many manufacturers designed lipo chargers to supply the needs. But only few of them meet the qualities of an efficient lipo charger. Hence, it is best to look at around first, take the time to read related contents such as reviews and feedbacks and always make a comparison before making a purchase. Lastly, determine the specific needs of your lipo battery first.



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