Top 5 Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds 2023

Tuesday February 21, 2023 01:00 PM To Wednesday February 23, 2033 01:00 AM

New York, US

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Hypoallergenic? What does that even mean?


Hypoallergenic cat breeds? Yes, well! Cats have different types of breeds and there are some breeds of cats that are known as hypoallergenic. What does this word mean?


Well, basically, this is a type of cat breed that does not shed its hair. Or does not have hair.


See, there are some cats that shed a lot of hair, and then there are some who do not shed their hair at all. Or shed very little hair. The latter cats are known as hypoallergenic because they save you from allergies. These breeds are the first to get an ESA letter as they are so clean and tidy and also because they don’t cause their owners a fuss.


So, cat owners are ready to sell their souls to the devil to get one of these hypoallergenic cats. Most of the time, cat hair can cause serious allergies to its owners so these cats are a lifesaver. But… how do you know which cat is hypoallergenic?


Well, that's what I am here for. Here are five of the best hypoallergenic cat breeds that shed very little hair that you can easily keep as an ESA.


Breed #1: Cornish Rex


This is one unique little kitty. While most cats have three layers of hair, this one only has one layer. Cats like the Persians are known to be double-coated or triple-coated which means that they have two or three layers of hair. More layers mean more hair which means more shedding. But our Cornish Rex is unique and has only one layer of hair. This means that it barely sheds at all. I can practically see you jumping to get a realesaletter for housing for this one. Trust me, it will be worth it. This one is least likely to trigger your allergies. 


Breed #2: Devon Rex


You guessed it… this one is related to the Cornish Rex. The Devon Rex and the Cornish Rex are cousins which means that they are built the same. This means that the Devon Rex also has a single layer of hair. But, the Devon Rex also has hair known as “down hair” on its one and only bottom layer. This type of hair is not only soft but comes in less quantity. In simple words, the Devon rex has even less hair than its cousin. This means that there is a close to zero chance that you will get allergic to a Devon Rex around. You can also visit to get your letter online.


Breed #3: Oriental


This cat breed is also known as the Oriental Shorthair. Why? Because it has shorter hair. One of the many reasons cats shed so much hair is that they have long hair. It is this long hair that causes allergies in humans. With the Oriental, this problem is solved as their hair is small in size. What you need to do with an Oriental is that you need to brush its coat regularly, this will help lessen the hair it already has. So, any chances of allergy will be greatly lessened if you take a little bit of care.


Breed #4: Russian Blue


This gorgeous specimen is not just a pretty face to look at. While it is true that this one does not possess any special coat like the Rex cousins, it has one quality that sets it apart from all. The Russian Blue is a cat that produces the least amount of Fel d1. What is that? It's a protein. Most importantly, it's the protein that triggers an immediate allergic reaction in humans. But the Russian Blue produces it in low quantities. So, if you keep this one as an ESA then there is little chance of you catching an allergy.


Breed #5: Balinese


This cat too is very special. Not only is it intelligent and friendly, but it also produces little Fel d1. The amount of Fel d1 produced by this one is slightly more than the Russian Blue but not so much that it would prove to be bothersome to a human. They also make better ESAs than the Russian Blue. The Russian is a lonely cat so you might hesitate in getting them an emotional support animal letter. But, the Balinese have the same advantage as the Russian Blue and are also super friendly. So, I see that you have your work cut out for you.


Bonus No Hair Breed: Sphynx Cat


Yup, no hair. At all. I know that you were looking for a cat with less hair but how about a cat with no hair? These cats literally have zero hair on their bodies which means that you have solved your allergy problem for good. No hair also means that there is no way they are producing any Fel d1. But, know this, these cats require a lot of special care. After all, they are special creatures. So, before you get this one in excitement, do a bit of research and figure out if you can get a Sphynx cat or not. If not, then the other options are open to you.


So, make your choice right now.


After that, you will have to get an ESA letter for your hypoallergenic cat. But don’t worry. There is a simple way to get that as well. You need to look for an ESA website. These websites sell ESA letters to you by getting you in touch with a therapist.


Problem = solved for good.


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