Thursday August 10, 2023 from 01:00 AM to 10:00 AM

New York, US

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The new teaching methodologies seek to create autonomous students, students who take a book and can start writing an essay it without the need of a tutor who is there all the time. This type of revolutionary methodologies proposes that a student with only one proposed material, can structure the use of basic mathematics to evolve alone, to solve gradually more complex problems, however always being adequate to their abilities and knowledge, in this way they will always have the abilities and conditions to achieve the maximum qualification, independent of their age or school grade. It suggests then to understand and see the student as an independent being, who can empower himself of the knowledge without having an intermediary.
If we apply this methodology not only to mathematics, we can indoctrinate and prepare integral people, who see knowledge as something tangible and not as something that is only in a face-to-face academy. The change of mentality can be seen progressively, at the beginning it is complex especially for the older children, because they are surprised of their capacities to understand problems that seem to be very advanced for them; without realizing it they expand their capacity and feel joy and satisfaction of being self-competent in their intellectual development.
The student adopts these skills without being very aware that he has done so and begins to be well above the established school standard, that is to say that not only will he acquire the competence and discipline to advance more quickly than his peers, but he will also begin to see possible limitations that he will be able to overcome in a more positive and resolute manner, learning with joy and enjoying his knowledge as his own. In this way he will arrive at solutions with a challenging disposition towards himself, looking for new goals and dreams.
But then, what would be the role of the new teacher?
The role of the new teacher is to be an advisor and guide. He or she must know, understand and know how to locate each child by the type of intelligence he or she has. Each child must go at his own pace, understanding what kind of exercises he needs to do in order to reach his highest potential. This change of teaching paradigm makes the typical class, where a teacher stands in front of a board to do exercises over and over again, change; the exercises go from the board to the students' notebooks, which gradually increase the difficulty until they reach the optimal level. It is then the job of the "counsellor" to observe the academic ability, personality and feeling of each student in order to offer them the study that is most appropriate for them; always stimulating the development of their autonomy and their capacity to learn.
The future
Studies show that abilities differ from one student to another, depending on the personality and environment in which he or she grew up. Adjusting content according to age makes some children feel difficult and lose self-confidence, while other children may become bored by believing that what is being proposed is too easy.
This new method shows that by applying this methodology, children at an early age manage to study with content equivalent to two or three years above their current school grade, the child not only acquires great academic ability: he or she acquires autonomy, initiative in studies and the ability to challenge himself or herself, making remarkable progress.


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New York Central Park
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New York, New York
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