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Wednesday December 23, 2020 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

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Interpersonal communication in the movie we bought a zoo

Essay writing service has eased the life of students especially those who are doing literature. Literature is often associated with novel readings and movie reviews. Special attention is always attributed to movies which have originated from novels. All a student needs to do is to submit all the details that are considered key in making the paper to meet the required expectations. We bought a zoo is a movie based on Benjamin Mee’s novel. The movie is directed in 2011 by Cameron Crowe and is an autobiography that gives account of Benjamin Mee’s family after mysterious death of his wife Katherine. The movie is more or less a comedy with infusion of drama.
The story line revolves around a family of a man who chose to buy and operate a ramshackle zoo and forego his journalism career after the death of his wife. Interpersonal communication in the movie we bought a zoo come to context when the people working at the zoo interacts with Mee’s family.

Benjamin is in grief because of loss of wife while his children grief at the loss of a mother. While Benjamin is reporting to work daily without fail, he simply sits there and does nothing. His life earlier life was involved with travelling and reporting of events and news; he is not used to his new way of life of sitting by the office. He must do this in order to take care of his children because of the absence of wife. The most challenging moments of Mee’s life is when he realizes that his teenage son is affected by loss of the mother. The boy draws pictures of amputated bodies and steals properties.


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