How to prevent you from having loss to change property?

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Does changing homes seem like an impossible dream to you? Many people feel insecure for fear of losing money to change their property. However, it is possible to make this change without extrapolating the planning  and getting a good deal.

Looking for a good property at an affordable price, dealing with the devaluation of your property when assessing the value and finding a real estate agent to assist you during the process are just some of the challenges encountered when escaping the loss.

In this text, we will explain to you what are the best ways to be able to face this process safely and how it is possible to avoid the damage to change property. Follow us!

Enlist the help of professionals

Many people prefer to carry out the process of exchanging property without the help of trained people and end up entering the discourse of the cheap being expensive. So, unless you already have prior knowledge, be sure to hire a responsible person to help.

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Professionals can indicate the best business options and also help during the process of documentation, advertisement, sale of the current residence and purchase of your next property .

Specialized guidance is able to reduce the risk of injury to change property and still achieve the success of the negotiation in an efficient manner. However, in order to be able to carry out the process quickly, it is necessary to build a relationship of trust with the accredited professional or real estate chosen.

Prepare your property to be evaluated

Being able to avoid the damage to change property can be even easier if you present your property in good condition.

Make a  change  to make the environment attractive to the next buyers before requesting the visit of a professional to carry out the value assessment or advertise the property on account on purchase and sale sites.

There are some strategies you can consider before assessing the value of your property , check out:

  • clean all rooms and remove dirty or damaged objects from the environment;
  • pay attention to regions that are not cleaned frequently, such as windows and skirting boards;
  • check that the doors are in good condition, with no problems opening and closing;
  • leave only the furniture included in the sale and make sure that they are in good condition;
  • if you need to take pictures, make a point of choosing a sunny day and leaving all windows and balconies open - natural light is perfect to make your environment more attractive.

Perform an evaluation of your old property

Before looking for another residence, it is necessary to set a value for your current property and thus offer it as an exchange or sell it. This process is carried out through an appraiser or real estate broker.

After leaving your property impeccable, request the evaluation of your property . He will carry out the site inspection to determine what is the ideal value applied to your home and how much it can be sold in the real estate market.

A real estate agent can also be hired for this service. However, an appraiser usually has a lower value and offers the same job. Some banks have a list of qualified professionals who are used for loan appraisals and refinancing. If necessary, you can request referrals from your account manager.

With your assessment in hand, make a copy and keep the original in a safe place, this document is extremely important. For the first negotiations, only the duplicate will be used.

Discover new technologies that can assist during the process

Before the advances in technology, it was very common to find people who suffered some kind of damage to change property. The reasons for so many problems were the lack of communication and real estate that aimed only their benefits and profits.

However, the arrival of the Internet has facilitated the process and today it is possible to find tools developed to help you exchange your property without prejudice and with the help of qualified companies focused on offering the best proposals.

The applications and  estate search sites are gaining preference of the public who are looking for business opportunities. With easy-to-use pages and a multitude of properties, it is possible to find the ideal offer to guarantee a good purchase and exchange your property.

Have all documents organized

Before putting your current property up for sale or offering it as a bargaining chip in another property, you need to make sure that the documentation is regulated before the responsible agencies.

In addition to being updated, along with the documentation of the property, it is necessary to organize all the documents of the owner and his spouse. These are the records that will be needed when finalizing the deal.

The real estate documents that need to be presented are:

  • updated certificate of property registration;
  • proof of discharge of the Property and Urban Territorial Tax (IPTU)
  • statement by the liquidator or administrator stating that the property has no debts - in cases of condominiums.

It is important to present the declaration on debts and settlements of the property in condominiums, since the fees are charged by units and in the transfer of the property the debts become the responsibility of the new buyer.

Changing your property is a decision that demands calm and responsibility. After all, it is very easy to end up getting involved in a negotiation that is unfavorable to your conditions.

In addition to offering all these documentation of your property during the exchange, it is necessary to charge that the former owner of your new property also submits the statements. This way, you will have confirmation that you are making a safe purchase and without any greater risk of loss.

Therefore, do not hesitate to hire a company or professional trained to assist in the entire process. This is one of the main ways to act to maintain your safety and avoid the damage to change property.

Documentation in hand, evaluation of the value of the finished property and the help of trained professionals are all you need to prepare and avoid the damage to change property!




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