FREO: The German Fund that will invest 400 million in urban hotels

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The Iberian Peninsula has always enjoyed the favoritism of those who like to do high-altitude tourism. In normal situations and especially in high season, the tourist flood is overwhelming and undoubtedly energizes a good part of the economy. Now we know the news of a renowned German group willing to invest in urban hotels in major Spanish cities.

The important tourist activity

There are many factors that must converge for a tourist destination to be successful over time. Of course, the main one is the attractiveness of geography, and in that we are blessed.

However, it also deprives the quality of services and the physical infrastructure and services that are offered for the pleasure of visitors.

For this reason it is very stimulating when this type of announcement is made public that involves investments of significant amounts that will be dedicated to this activity so well weighted in our territory. This is the case of the capitals that will be put on the table by the FREO group of investors to boost the supply of urban hotels in the main cities.

The FREO group brings together investors whose headquarters are mainly in Germany and which launched its real estate division in 1996 under the name of FERI Real Estate GmbH.

It was not until 2002 when it changed its name to Grupo FREO and today it has reached a preponderance status in the management and promotion of real estate investments.

With all the trajectory that the FREO group has been forging since its inception, it is definitely a very good news that shows an interest so accentuated as to spill 400 million euros with the purpose of boosting the hotel business and giving dynamism to tourism.

Target cities for hotel investment

It has been reported that the aforementioned group focuses its interest on the cities of Madrid and Barcelona; However, this does not exempt them from extending their investment influence in the main summer sites such as the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands and the Costa del Sol .

This is how they are expected to acquire hotels in Madrid and also hotels in Barcelona to renovate and give it a differentiating mark that marks a before and after. It is also possible that they participate in projects that are seeking financing and that have the interest and approval of the prestigious group. strives to be Pakistan's biggest real estate developer ever, guaranteeing the highest international standards, prompt execution, and lifetime customer loyalty. With mega projects like 

blue town lahore location

It is important to discard that since it began operations, the FREO group has stood out for the choice in the destination of its investments. The selection includes, for example, the acquisition, repositioning and subsequent sale of the Kudamm 26ª (an important center for premises and offices in Berlin) and the same with the iconic Munich Tower, as well as the participation in the impressive Lucerne Shopping Center in Switzerland.

This means that they never bet to lose and, if they appreciate that the Spanish market is ripe to receive their financial favors, it will be for a reason. This has to be a very positive sign for the rest of the capitals that had in mind to do the same from this 2021.

Opportunities in the Spanish hotel market

This being the case, both local and foreign investors who had doubts about starting activities will have to re-evaluate the tourist strengths offered by these destinations, and see if they take advantage of what these initiatives will generate.

As these investments in the territory are on the radar, there will be many ventures that will also be encouraged to complement the work and changes that urban hotels have . New services and buildings will be emerging in the aforementioned towns, as a result of the impulse implied by this kind of initiatives that energetically drive the economy.

It is evident that this will result in the growth of businesses that are intelligently located around these capital movements, which constitutes a real growth opportunity for the Spanish hotel market.

If, as planned, this favors the reactivation of the tourism industry once the attacks suffered by Covid-19 have been overcome, we will be preparing to promote a greater potential for recurring visits, attracting people from all latitudes, with everything what this implies for the economic boost.

Despite the regrets and all the circumstances experienced in 2020 due to the tremendous restrictions produced by the pandemic, 2021 shows at least this positive sign that indicates that the future tends to be promising , at least for all those who in one way or another they are related to the activity of urban hotels.

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