France bans pupils from using cellphones on campus

Monday November 14, 2022 06:50 PM To Thursday September 14, 2023 01:00 AM

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The French National Assembly has passed a bill banning the use of mobile phones on campus by kindergarten, elementary and junior high school students. The bill stipulates that, except for the special needs of students with disabilities, extra-school activities or teaching purposes, students aged 3 to 15 are not allowed to use Internet-connected communication devices such as mobile phones, tablets and smart watches in teaching activities, and high school students can voluntarily perform all or part of it. ban. The bill will come into effect in September this year. And install electronic jammer device on campus to interfere with mobile phone signals.

In recent years, with the continuous popularization of smart device terminals, mobile phones and tablet computers have become an indispensable part of French teenagers' daily study and life. At the same time, the problem of mobile phone addiction due to lack of self-control has become a hot spot in French society. From government education departments to public opinion, all hope that through legislation and other means, while ensuring the necessary contact between young people, parents and friends, effective measures should be taken to install portable mobile phone jammer to reduce the physical and mental health of young people caused by mobile phones and tablet computers. Negative impact.

The French education ministry has spent nearly an academic year pushing the bill in order to fulfill French President Emmanuel Macron's campaign promises, the report said. Banning mobile phones in schools may seem simple, but it will involve a total of 10 million students in 51,000 primary schools and 7,100 junior high schools across France. According to statistics, in 2016, 93% of French teenagers aged 12 to 17 owned a mobile phone. This makes it difficult to implement the new law.

According to the ordinance, students are not allowed to use mobile phones during class. They should turn off their phones before entering the classroom. However, Philippe Tournier, president of the union of French educational institutions, citing poll results, said 30-40% of students did not do so. In class, they have been secretly using their mobile phones to send and receive text messages, take pictures of each other, and of course, use it to cheat during exams. But after entering the test room, the mobile phone is like a piece of scrap iron, and it has no effect, because there will be a wifi signal jammer in the test room. By blocking the signal of the mobile phone, the mobile phone can not only make emergency calls, but other phone calls cannot be achieved when the Internet is already online. of.

In response to the ban, Browne said: "We are studying related issues, which can take different forms at the implementation level. Users may have educational purposes and emergency needs, but in principle mobile phones should be restricted." In addition to maintaining school order, Browne Kay stressed that the mobile phone ban also sends a "public health message that is good for families", not only good for children, but also reminding parents not to expose children to screens for long periods of time, especially before the child is 7 years old, can install a GPS Tracker jammer at home devices to interfere with cell phone signals and reduce the time children spend on cell phones. "Children are no longer just playing with their phones during recess, they are in front of their smartphones anytime, anywhere," said Blancay. "From an educational perspective, this is a problem. To ensure that the rules and the law are respected, it is prohibited on campus. Using mobile phones. Also, we need to come up with a way to keep students from getting addicted to smartphones and losing focus, with the help of principals, teachers and parents.”

Regarding the health benefits of banning mobile phones in primary and junior high schools, France suddenly fired the first shot, and we should be alert! The French National Assembly voted to pass a new bill that completely prohibits kindergarten, primary and junior high school students from using smartphones, tablets, smart watches and other communication devices with Internet access on campus! This is good. At most, Chinese children are temporarily confiscated after being found playing with mobile phones in class. In France, it is illegal... Even after class and lunch break, it will not work!


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