Free events are always free.

    Paid Events:
    99 cents per ticket. Snapup tickets is the most affordable ticket selling site around. All you pay is 99 cents per ticket when using your own merchant account. Our supported merchant account providers are:

    • Paypal
    • Beanstream
    • Chase Paymentech
    • Moneris


    Using the Snapup Payment Gateway. If you are not set up with your own payment gateway, you can have Snapup Tickets collect the ticket sales and process transactions on your behalf. The fee is 99c per ticket plus the 4.5% administrative processing fee to cover credit card processing fees. Ticket sales are disbursed to the event organizer 10 business days after the event is held. When you compare, you'll see Snapup Tickets offers the best rates for selling tickets on-line.

    If an event organizer using Snapup tickets needs to cancel his event, ticket fees and any applicable processing or refund fees will still be applied to the event organizer. In the case of an event organizer using their own payment gateway, these fees amount to 99c per ticket. In the case of an event organizer using Snapup Tickets gateway, these fees amount to 99c per ticket + 4.5% transaction fee + 4.5% refund transaction fee. By using Snapup tickets, the event organizer agrees to absorb these fees in the event of a cancellation of his/her event.