Youth and firmness: 4 precepts for aging skin 

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Many people expect to develop wrinkles in old age. The loss of skin elasticity generally leads to sagging along the jawline, wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, and lines across the forehead. However, if you notice sudden changes in your skin condition, your hormones may be to blame.


Why Does Skin Become Dry and Flabby With Age?



Over time, our skin loses firmness and elasticity because our collagen levels drop. Collagen is a protein that is critical for the bones, connective tissue and skin. There are four types of collagen. These types are:

  • which makes up skin, tendons, teeth and bones
  • which is the cartilage in your joints
  • which is the structure that holds your muscles, organs and arteries in place 
  • which makes up the layers of your skin


This loss of collagen leads to a thinning of the skin. Often, the wrinkles that bother many of us aren't necessarily a sagging of the skin. Instead, the skin that used to hold its shape above the muscles in your forehead, for example, now falls into the grooves.


What Components Guarantee Skin Firmness?



Three of the biggest components found in your skin will increase your chance of keeping your skin firm. These three components are 

  • the protein collagen, which can be gained from supplements or diet 
  • hyaluronic acid, generally found in the eyes and joints, which can be taken as a supplement or injection
  • Vitamin C, which can be gained from diet and supplements


Protecting your skin from damage is also an excellent way to maintain firmness. One of the reasons our skin loses firmness is that it dries out. Moisture from the outside can do a lot to protect your skin, but so can a quality sunblock protect your skin from losing elasticity. 


You can greatly increase your collagen intake by watching your diet. Collagen is a protein, so a focus on lean meats is beneficial. Bone broth offers an intense dose of collagen, as does gelatin. Soy products from edamame to seitan can also increase your collagen availability. 


To increase your internal levels of hyaluronic acid, boost your soy intake. Red wine is a good source of this critical acid, as are fresh citrus fruits. Additional benefits, including magnesium, can be gained from 

  • bananas
  • apples
  • melons
  • pears


Finally, boosting your Vitamin C intake is a wonderful way to support firm, supple connective tissue from your joints to your skin. A diet high in extremely colorful fruits and vegetables can go quite a long way toward increasing your Vitamin C to healthy levels before you use a supplement.


Hormones Related to Our Youth and Beauty of Our Skin



If you notice that your skin has gotten severely and uncomfortably dry, or if you start to suffer from easy bruising and skin tears, discuss your concern with your physician. If there is a problem with your pituitary gland, the remaining hormones in your body could become dangerously unbalanced. 


Once your pituitary gland has been tested, you may find out that your HGH levels are badly out of balance. The use of an edible or pill HGH supplement as a way to fight aging is often offered as a supplement. Be aware that real HGH therapy is an injection, not a pill. There are commonly used and well-known brands such as Genotropin. Study trusted sources for more use and purchase details, benefits of Genotropin etc. 


Additionally, using growth hormone as a way to avoid the signs of aging is excessive to the point of being dangerous. HGH can indeed reduce the wrinkles around your eyes, but it can also contribute to Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and even put you at risk of liver damage. In the end, there are much worse things than wrinkles. If your doctor doesn't approve of using growth hormone to treat a dangerously low level of these crucial hormones, supplementing with them is simply not safe.


Importance of HGH Hormone Youth and Firmness of the Skin



If you are dealing with symptoms such as 

  • feeling very sensitive to heat and cold
  • exhaustion
  • anxiety, irritability or depression
  • loss of sexual interest and function
  • loss of stamina for no reason
  • loss of muscle mass for no reason


you may indeed have a lower than normal production of growth hormone. Getting your blood tested as soon as possible is critical, as a loss of growth hormone could be an indication of growths, cysts, or benign tumors on the pituitary. That gland controls a lot of systems in your body. If it is failing, you and your doctor need to address the problem.


Again, the loss of collagen and hyaluronic acid at a slow rate over time is natural. Caring for your skin before it's damaged by the sun and toxins can prevent the appearance of damage, but time will show up on your skin eventually. This may not make you happy, but the biggest health risk comes from a rapid loss of available thyroid hormone. Should you notice hair loss, extreme sensitivity to hot and cold, sluggish digestion that has no logical source, or exhaustion for no reason, it's time to talk to your physician.



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