Why does a house for sale in Playa del Carmen have more equity?

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Verdel, US

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If you have not yet decided on the right place to live, we invite you to read the following article so that you know the advantages of buying a  house in Playa del Carmen .


Capital gain


One of the main reasons why we suggest you live in Playa de Carmen  is undoubtedly goodwill ,  it  refers to the value of a property acquired with the passage of time. Several factors are involved in this, such as:

1. Location: The better the property is located, the higher its value, so it is best to be in a central location with a good environment, where there are restaurants, shopping centers, training centers or government buildings.

Playa de Carmen is one of the most beautiful places in our country , that is why the city is very attractive for national and foreign investors, this translates into a constantly growing economy that revolves around tourism, so hotels, shops , bars, clubs and other entertainment centers cannot be missed, not for nothing is it known as the heart of the Rivera Maya.


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2. Accessibility:  Thanks to tourism and the increase in its population, Playa del Carmen has roads that make travel faster and more direct; Not to mention that the Cancun International Airport is less than 40 minutes away. You must take into account the quantity and quality of communication routes that you need to move to any area of ??the city from your home. 

3. Infrastructure: Services and urban development are essential for a property to achieve greater value. In addition to public works, the infrastructure of this town is also based on tourism, thus generating good foreign investment in the construction of areas to promote said industry, which also ends up generating higher income, employment and regional development.

Better mortgage credit


If you think that houses in Playa del Carmen  are a bad investment, you are mistaken, these properties are useful when it comes to making the money work; you can use it for vacation or you can rent it for the time you don't live there. On the other hand, if you plan to live in it, you should know that despite the tourist boom it is possible to have a peaceful life, unlike the big cities.

The bank loan is a good option to make your own home when you do not have the time or money to a government loan. Similarly,  if you have the right to a mortgage need to calculate your score Infonavit , simply enter your Social Security Number (SSN) to the page of the institution to make the prequalification  (1) , p ara workers in some dependence on the State who have a fixed salary, the Fovissste loan can solve their problem.

So now you know, acquiring one of the houses for sale in Playa del Carmen is more than making a purchase, it is an excellent investment that in the long run can generate a higher price for your home than what you paid at the beginning. Start a life in this beautiful part of the Mexican southeast! 

(1)  To calculate infonavit points , your age, salary, the time of continuous contribution (6 bimonths of contributions are needed without interruption) and the savings in the Housing Sub-account.









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