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Wednesday January 09, 2019 01:00 AM To Thursday January 10, 2019 01:00 AM

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How do you decide what kind of compensation to give to an employee? What is meant by "bonus" and how is it paid?
Ultipro offers a complete payroll calculation engine with which to carry out all personnel management tasks. 
The Meta4 Nominee platform is a pioneering solution that has become a benchmark in the market: it is an innovative product that has the latest technology, which helps the end user approach complex and laborious processes. 
The flexibility and dynamism provided by the architecture of the platform allow it to adapt to any type of client, as well as to the specificities of each country, taking into account the different local legislations and currencies.
See main features
Payroll calculation for millions of employees 
in minimum times.
Choose the service
which best suits your needs
It will allow the client to manage their processes
"Pay per use" service
The "pay per use" service will allow the client to manage their personal administration processes and carry out the calculation of their payroll. 
Meta4 is in charge of the hosting, maintenance and operation of the service, incorporating the specific legal parameters and ensuring support and customer assistance. 
It is a platform ready to use, flexible and constantly updated, which can be accessed at any time and from anywhere.
SaaS +
Do you want to focus on better management of your staff?
While the client focuses on administration, Meta4 apart from managing SaaS services also provides payroll services (treatment and control), taking charge of monthly, quarterly and annual statements. 
Meta4 also takes over the production and delivery of the massive processes, allowing the coherence of the same with the data provided by the client.
Improve the competitiveness of the company 
and increase employee loyalty.
The most complete way of outsourcing
Business Process Outsourcing is the most advanced stage of outsourcing
Meta4 takes care of all the tasks related to the payroll process: the integration of the data, the control treatments, the calculations and the results of the payroll. 
The client has access to the management application to obtain maximum control and independence over their data, statistics and reports.
Why choose the 
Meta4 Solution ?
A single integrated solution
A single personnel record
Common HR policies
Local and global legislation
Easy Configuration
Design according to the corporate brand
Custom workspace
Configurable processes
The learning curve is reduced
Innovative interface
Minimum number of clicks
Autocompletable fields
Filters configurable by the user
Technical support
Global platform in the cloud
Rapid evolution of the software
Security framework
Backup of data and application
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