The mixture of superior equipment

Wednesday September 02, 2020 01:00 AM To Tuesday September 13, 2022 01:00 AM

Ca, US

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Some CNC machines are already known to hit accuracy at the level of 0.001 mm. Being fully automated, CNC machines like CNC Machining service can attain this degree of accuracy for every product they've created, driving them to uniquely suited to mass-scale production. The use of 3D models also grants manufacturers a better degree of design freedom, that makes CNC machines appropriate for prototyping.

CNC machining can be an example of a subtractive manufacturing technique. This means that it decreases unnecessary material coming from a solid block to produce parts of the shape and size. This has advantages and consequences, when we shall see later.

The mixture of superior equipment as well as the unsurpassed knowledge and experience of the team members provides for us a tremendous edge for brief running production quantities.Furthermore, after the process of developing a prototype is complete, the various components made from that prototype can roll over production line in a very quick and cost-effective manner, thereby and helps to cut costs.

EDM (electrical discharge machining) is a method for cutting holes, pockets as well as other shapes into hardened steel, along with imparting a surface texture to your internal cavities of mold tools ddprototype. A sacrificial electrode in the electrolyte bath discharges a high-powered electric spark to erode quite hard materials that you will find difficult or out of the question with another method. Square pocket holes are sometimes created with using this method.

With wire EDM, a wire is continuously fed between two spools. When electrically charged, it’s capable of cut through hardened tool steels quickly and accurately.At Star, we also offer surface grinding services. When surface grinding, the workpiece is held stationary on the horizontal plate.


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ca, California
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