Pros And Cons Of Over The Range Microwave

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Microwave is one of the appliances many homes cannot live without. It is an appliance that helps in cooking or warming up food faster. It is easy to wait for 30 minutes to warm food using a gas cooker as with microwave it takes less than 5 minutes.

Over the range, microwave brand is among the top microwave brands in the market. When considering a microwave, you cannot overlook this brand.  Here we share the pros and cons of this microwave with you to help youunderstand if it is the right microwave brand to buy or not.


The following are the pros or reasons as to why to buy the over-the-range microwave.

Space saver

If you have a small kitchen, the range microwave is the ideal microwave to buy. Unlike the counter microwave brand, over the range microwave can be installed anywhere you would like in your kitchen. It helps save the small space you have in your kitchen and still own a microwave. The best place to install it is at the top of the kitchen counter, where you can reach easily and utilize the below space.

Installed fan

Another advantage of the over-the-range microwave is that it comes with a fan. The installed fan helpsyou get rid of the food order, steam, or smoke in your kitchen. Thus you will get your kitchen to have fresh and clean air all the time. Over the range, microwaves serve the purpose of warming or cooking food and a fan. Thus you get to have one appliance serving two functions. Who doesn't like that!

Not accessible by the children

Due to you’ll not install the over the range microwave over the counter, it will not be accessible by the children. It is an advantage considering children don’t exactly know how to use a microwave. They may cause damages when theyhaveaccess to the microwave because you are not there all the timeto monitor them. You’ll don’t have to worry about that if you have over the range microwave. When you install it at the top of the kitchen counter, your child will access it.


On the other hand, there are cons or reasons why over the range microwave may not be the ideal microwave for you.

Chances are you require a Kitchen cabinet
The designer of over the range microwave meant it to be installed on the upper counter of the kitchen cabinet. Even if you try to install it anywhere else, it seems too inconvenient short people and children. Some are over contrary opinion, though. But you need to think of a place to install over the range microwave before buying. The location should be where you can reach without struggling, and the microwave fits comfortably.

Installation issues

Another disadvantage is about installation. It can take you a while to decide where to install it ifyou don’t have a kitchen cabinet. If you cannot install it yourself, you have to pay a professional to do it. Also, there is another disadvantage to installing it at the top of your kitchen counter. It is tiresome to cook when you cannot see inside the cooking pot. Also, you can easily burn your hands when cooking in such a position. Kitchenotic is one of the best platform which may help you to make a right decision for you.

Over the range, the microwave is a perfect brand and comes with all the features you need in a microwave, but also there are setbacks to using it. You can weigh the advantagesanddisadvantages to see if it the right microwave to buy.



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