Mortgage Advisor; An Overview

Friday January 15, 2021 01:00 AM To Wednesday June 30, 2021 01:00 AM

New York, NY, US

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What is a Mortgage?

A mortgage is a loan acquired by a borrower to buy a house or land.

Who is a mortgage adviser?

A mortgage adviser is also some kind of mortgage broker, especially an independent mortgage broker. Those mortgage advisers are having a piece of great knowledge about the mortgage-related field. Their ideas are valuable to a borrower as they are experts in that field. They are with a variety of mortgage ideas and methodologies that may suit the borrower.

Mortgage Advisers are three types,

  • some are similar to loan officers. So, they are bound only to specific lenders only
  • some are dealing with a specific and limited lender only. Hence, they are with limited variations and accesses
  • some are opened. They are dealing with a wide range of lenders

Why choose mortgage advisers

  • Mortgage advisers are the best and experienced in the field. So, they can direct the borrower towards the borrower's dream of purchasing a perfectly fitting mortgage.
  • When a borrower doesn’t get the help of a mortgage adviser, then the application submitted by the borrower refers to “execution-only”
  • mortgage advisers will refer to the financial status and documents of a borrower and they will inform the borrower whether the loan types he is interested in are affordable to himself.
  • Mortgage advisers may have close business relationships and deals with lenders. Hence, sometimes it may be an advantage to the borrower.

If not hope to have help from a mortgage adviser?

Not seeking an adviser may be a decision of the borrower. It's not compulsory to contact a mortgage advisor for the mortgage process by a borrower. But not getting the service of a mortgage adviser may cause several risky consequences for the borrower.

  • Without proper guidance, the borrower may choose an unaffordable mortgage plan.
  • The mortgage application will be in the form of “execution-only”
  • will result in costly casualties in the future
  • without proper guidance the borrower may be rejected by the lender.
  • All responsibilities will have to be tolerated by the borrower only

When to contact a Mortgage Adviser?

It's very important to choose a mortgage adviser before selecting a lender or mortgage plan. The borrowers, though he is a first-time or not, has to seek advice from the mortgage adviser. Choosing a mortgage plan and a lender must be done under the guidance of a mortgage adviser. 

So, it is so important to contact a Mortgage Adviser at the very first moment you decide to have a mortgage.

Leading Mortgage Advisors all around the world

[according to a list in Investopedia,

  • Benjamin Graham

known as the father of value investing

  • Warren Buffet

known as the “oracle of Omaha”. One of the leading successful millionaire in the present

  • Peter Lynch
  • Dave Ramsey
  • Suze Orman

Leading Mortgage Advisor Organizations

in the UK

  • UK Mortgage Broker
  • Maple Leaf Financial Services
  • Mortgage Concepts Associates Ltd
  • HCG Finance
  • Turquoise Money Ltd

in the USA

  • Mortgage Wealth Advisors
  • Capital Mortgage Advisors
  • Trussle Mortgages


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