How to make a work schedule for your real estate activities

Monday January 18, 2021 from 01:00 AM to 01:00 AM

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Working on your work schedule will help you have a better organization and achieve your goals. Here we share a system that will be very useful to prioritize tasks.

Time management is essential in our days, that is why we present you an organizational system that will help you increase your level of productivity.

As an initial recommendation, we suggest that each night you dedicate a specific time to planning the next day.

Prepare a list of the things you "must do", but also include the things you "want to do", this will be just the beginning of the process that will allow you to take control of the most precious resource you have: time.

If you carefully review that list you will realize that some activities are more important or need to be done first. These activities represent the best option to invest your time, unfortunately many times we get stuck in the activities that are not so crucial, because they tend to be faster to complete and perhaps a little easier, compared to the activities of greater importance.

What we need to avoid falling into this error is to prioritize tasks through an organizational system, this tool will allow us to successfully carry out the most important activities in our day to day.

Below we show you what the prioritization system consists of:

  • A = Crucial
  • B = Important
  • C = Little value
  • D = No value
  • * = Quickly


It will represent the crucial activities on your list. You are the only one who can determine what is crucial and what is not. You should decide based on your commitments and responsibilities to others, but also according to your long-term goals. It should be our goal to work daily to complete these activities.


Refers to important activities. If you had to choose between activity "A" and activity "B", you would obviously choose to work on activity "A". However, the B activities, if not carried out, can have consequences that hinder the rest of your agenda and fulfillment of short or medium term objectives.


It means that the activity has little value. You may not complete your "C's" throughout the day, but that's okay, because everything else you do will be worth more.


Represents "worthless" activities. What do you do if you find a "D" on your activity list? You let them go! Since by definition it has no value to bring you.

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If you've never gone through this process of writing down what you “have to do” and what you “want to do” before, chances are you'll find that you've been spending a lot of time on “D” activities and it will be a relief to you to know that they are finally done. you will delete from your list.

Bookmark quick activities

Finally, the “*” sign represents a “fast activity”. Any activity that takes less than a minute or two to complete will fall into this category. We recommend you complete a handful of activities in the morning and thus start the day with a feeling of capacity, which will be a boost of energy.

For an even more professional approach, we recommend that you go back to each of the categories and add a number system.

For example, let's say you have 5 “A” activities on your to-do list, obviously you won't be able to do all of them at the same time, but you can do them consecutively and for that you should evaluate the activities by asking yourself the following questions: “if you could only work on one of these activities, which one would you choose? " and the activity you choose will become your "A-1".

Next question: "after that activity, if I had time to work on something else, what would it be?" And the activity you choose will be your "A-2". In this way, you should continue prioritizing your activities "A" and then apply the same technique for activities "B" and "C", thus you will create a list of priorities according to the real importance of each activity, which will help you stay focused on the most important things for your day to day, and you will inevitably increase your productivity.


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