How To Build A Customized Baseball Pitching Screen At Home

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Malcolm Gladwell, the author of "Outliers: The Story of Success," says that it takes around 10,000 hours of intense practice to master a skill. Everyone is usually eager to hit that mark, but it doesn't always work as planned. For a pitcher, they have to find a catcher to squat for 10,000 hours. Where would you find such a person? It is almost impossible to see one. However, you can overcome such hurdles by building a pitching screen. This avails you the opportunity to work towards perfection without human help.

A baseball l screen is relatively expensive these days; therefore, it is best to construct yourself. If you can afford it, that's fine. If you are considering building one yourself, you should follow these steps:

Use a saw to cut about seven pieces of PVC pipe. Two sections should be four feet long and five areas three feet long.

Make the four feet tall pipes and 3 feet wide rectangular target. Lay two of the pipes on the ground and connect each top corner of the rectangle with an elbow connector that is 90 degrees. Connect the rectangular corners with the 3-way connectors ensuring that the open ports face the same way.

The ½ inch netting should be laid over the rectangle. Cut the shape around and leave only 3 to 4 inches of overhang. Keep the net aside.

You can now create the U-shape of the pitching screen before connecting the remaining 3-foot pieces of pipe with two 09-degree elbow connectors.

Connect the U-shaped base with a rectangular target by opening the ends of the U into the available ports on the 3-way connectors.

Pull one end of the PVC out of the connectors and brush a PVC cement on the pipe's end and connector. Press the joint together and hold for a few seconds. Repeat for all the joints on the assembly.

The ½ inch netting around the rectangular should be wrapped. You can then attach the net with pipe clamps and space them out evenly along with the frame.

Mark the strike zone at 17 inches wide on the center of the target's net. Use a bright color and paint pen with a tape measure for accuracy. Get an average-size player to stand beside the target. Don't forget to mark the bottom of the strike zone and the top of the site at the halfway point between the belt and shoulders.

Sandbags should be placed on the screen's base to ensure stability. Before you throw the ball, ensure that no one is near the pitching else, the effect could be disastrous. This baseball pitching screen should be stationed in front of your house or any valuable that could be damaged from the throws.

If you cannot afford to buy a softball or baseball pitching screen, it is not the end of the road for you. You can fix something yourself with these tips I shared here. Even if you're not familiar with the steps, a local carpenter can help you construct it for a lesser fee. If you choose to purchase online, go for the best.


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