High-power laser how to achieve accurate measurement and control?

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Laser measurement and control system is mainly composed of laser parameter measurement, laser optical path automatic collimation and laser control room three subsystems, is an important part of high power laser pointer driver. All performance indicators and important data for high power laser drives are available on-line from the laser measurement and control system. The laser parametric measurement system is a system that is specifically responsible for laser driver parameter acquisition and measurement. It consists mainly of three measuring branches, namely the energy measurement of the laser beam, the spatial distribution of the laser beam, and the time measurement of the laser beam. The data of these three measurement units are the most important data for a laser system. It is not only an important basis for assessing the working condition, device capability and level of a high-power laser device, but also providing essential physical data for the experiment.

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Laser energy measurement is one of the most basic elements in burning laser pointer parameter measurement. It is very important to accurately determine the energy of the target laser to analyze and analyze the experimental data. The research of laser energy measurement is divided into four parts: the development of high sensitivity and high performance body absorption laser energy meter; the development of high precision and high stability display data acquisition instrument; the selection of laser energy measurement sampling method and the measures to improve the measurement accuracy; Data analysis and processing of laser energy measurement results. In the study of laser energy measurement, the development of laser energy meter is the key. The principle of laser energy meter is to be measured laser beam irradiation to a highly sensitive absorber into heat, and then through the circuit design to be truly measured out.

As the measured high-power laser for the nanosecond, the role of the 10mw laser pointer on the absorber is very short, the energy is small, so the development of laser energy meter is a very difficult research project. Measurement of scientific research personnel after decades of hard study, developed a variety of models and specifications of the laser energy meter, the Chinese Institute of measurement test calibration, sensitivity, uniformity, stability, etc. than the original design indicators, to meet or exceed the United States Apollo Laser manufactured by the same type of laser energy meter level.

Laser spatial distribution measurement is an important branch of the laser measurement system. It is mainly composed of two parts: the near field distribution of the laser beam and the far field distribution of the laser beam. With the development of laser science, the spatial distribution of laser beam is more and more attention. In the history of the development of high power lasers, the spatial distribution of laser beams is the most important field, and its level determines the level and scale of laser devices to a great extent.

Laser time measurement is mainly real-time monitoring of the final device output pulse laser waveform, each time the laser target to reach the bulls at the same time the time synchronization measurement, and ultra-short pulse test laser time measurement. Laser time waveform is the shape of 20mw laser pointer intensity changes with time, is a physical simulation of an important parameter. In high-power laser systems, laser time measurements are divided into ns-level measurements and ultrashort-time ps measurements.

In the ns-class laser system, the fast response photoelectric probe and fast response oscilloscope test system, due to the fast response of the photoelectric tube with rising fast (60 ps) down (55 ps), the base frequency, The third frequency band has a response, so it is a fast response to the oscilloscope measurement system has become a high-power laser device standard, the use of the pulse time measurement system waveform measurement accuracy is better than 10%. In the ultrashort pulse laser time waveform measurement, the picosecond measurement is generally measured using a fringe camera (time resolution of about 2 picoseconds), while the femtosecond scale is measured using autocorrelation techniques.

Laser time synchronization (equal to the optical path) measurement, refers to the multi-beam laser synchronization to reach the target time measurement, 5mw laser pointer beam target power balance is an important guarantee. According to physical calculations, if the two beam synchronization time difference of 25 ps will lead to 10% power imbalance. And the power balance is extremely important for achieving uniform compression of the target. US LLNL laboratory synchronization accuracy requirements of 10 ps. The time synchronization accuracy of the integrated unit is 10 ps. If the infrared stripe camera is used to assist the fine adjustment and control, the synchronization accuracy can be improved. In April 2000, the highest yield of neutron production was 3.9 × 109, which was the highest level of the same kind of equipment in the first round of the direct drive experiment. The time synchronization accuracy was 6 ps.

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