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Back to Course Dear Students, Writing an essay is a challenging and demanding task, but the opportunity to use the freedom that the genre provides is the best opportunity for personal expression. Creating an essay in domywriting involves a rich general and linguistic culture, but does not require special pre-requisites to strictly regulated requirements and allows for original, complete, spontaneous presentation of numerous qualities that in other competitive forms often go unnoticed or unnoticed. Instructions for developing an essay on multiple topics In the history of world literature and philosophy, the essay was born in antiquity, but established itself as an independent genre in 1580, when the French philosopher Michel de Montaigne published his Tests (fr. essai means experience). The very name of the genre suggests its main features of experimentation, originality, boundlessness of content, uncertainty of form, diversity of expressive means. All these features turn the essay into a free creative expression of individual thought and give it an opening and creative role in the vast science of man. It is no coincidence that among the best essayists are prominent philosophers, writers, poets, and publicists. Depending on the content and purpose, different types of essays differ literary, philosophical, publicist, critical, readers, etc. Before it is not the high criteria of philosophy and artistry, it is completely focused on the possibilities and goals of education, and in general it is the kind of writing that, most freely, most fully and most vividly, can express the knowledge, skills and abilities of the writer, without violating it with strict requirements, without disinfecting its clichés. In education, the essay is used both as a teaching tool and as a way to test certain outcomes. This instruction answers some of the questions associated with creating an essay on a topic in an exam situation. What does myperfectwords advise you to know regarding general things about the essay before you start creating it? 1. an essay is a text and has the basic attributes of textual informative, mental and style unity, linguistic connection, completion. 2. essays are basically textual reasoning. Description and narrative may be present as text elements (examples, arguments), but it is mostly constructed as a reflection on a ready-made topic. 3. an essay is a personal and original interpretation of a stated topic. It is an expression of an idea without pretensions to the completeness of the exhibition and exhaustion of the problem. 4. the essay has a free composition. Unlike literary and scientific writing or an answer to a literary question in the essay, the individual compositional elements are not always separated. But in order to conform to the principles of the text, an essay must have a beginning, a real part, and a finale that reflects and defends the author's appropriate understanding of the structuring of a particular work. One would like the composition to be decided beforehand, considered and constructed during the writing process as an adequate expression of the idea of the text. 5. the essay is maintained in the typewriter's individual style. Depending on the topic and its interpretation, it may alternate and combine elements of science, publicity, artistry, but it is always stylistically unified, subject to the sensitivity, imagination and temperament of the author. 6 The essay is an expression of the culture of its author. The richer its language, the more opportunities, skills and knowledge it reveals. It is permissible to use any expressive means as long as they are not self-directed, as long as there is a gap between variety and clutter, between originality and originality.  Related resourse: Use the five-question rule.You get inspired to write and lose the abilityThis manual was created at the turn of the millenniumThe perfect native language essay is built on good choicesAn essay is a simultaneous text in which


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