Build to rent: Meet the new real estate trend

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Demand always originates supply. This is the case of the increasingly growing trend in certain geographical areas to demand residences for the purpose of renting for specific periods or seasons . It is precisely for this reason that the build to rent is strengthened.

Build to rent is a trend that has been imposing itself, and although it is not something that we can say is new –beyond this Anglo terminology–, at this moment it is projected with innovations in that area of ??tenancy.

Real estate investment has always aimed a high percentage of obtaining income from rentals. However, the architectural concept may not make much difference when building for one function or for another.

That is what makes the difference with this type of residential housing projects planned and executed solely and exclusively for the purpose of dedicating them to the rental market .

A particular lifestyle

The whole concept now obeys to adapt as much as possible to the lifestyle of the people who prefer to rent their home. They are people who, due to the way they face their basic needs, do not choose to buy their homes but prefer to rent.

Of course, this usually has to do with your financial knowledge and income management, which generally seeks to use it in productive assets rather than taking on long-term debt. All this can outline a target of tenants who are not tenants by necessity, but by choice.

These real estate projects thought and conceived under the build to rent now take a leap forward, considering what was explained above and implementing aspects in their spaces and dependencies that can be valued by future users.

Building rental homes is an activity that has been fostered thanks to policies that favor this type of investment, especially in tourist areas or with characteristics conducive to the proliferation of the rental market.

Build to Rent: the new formula for investors

Real estate investors now have at their disposal a modality that takes advantage of all the potentialities and accumulated knowledge to satisfy specific needs, giving greater guarantees of attractive returns.

In addition to emphasizing the appropriate architecture for rental spaces, the build to rent also plans the strategy required to ensure the highest possible occupancy rate . To this end, alliances are foreseen with organizations that unite landlords with tenants. strives to be Pakistan's biggest real estate developer ever, guaranteeing the highest international standards, prompt execution, and lifetime customer loyalty. With mega projects like blue town society in lahore

By keeping all these well-defined elements in mind from the first day the project arises, investment success is highly likely. Like any real estate project, this is a process that has to be followed and the fruits of which will be seen in the medium or long term, but with a clear and precise vision, it takes firm steps.

Advantages of Build to Rent to the real estate market

The advantages of the investments made in the projects covered by the build to rent concept are based on the approach it intends and the purposes it pursues.

It is very different to approach a project in which a property that will be within a varied community is acquired, to seek from the beginning a space where a distinctive brand is established and that is identified as a place where those who wish to rent will always be satisfied.

We can equate it to the project of a shopping center; there the purpose of the real estate space is fully and unequivocally expressed. The same goes for build to rent projects, where tenants will know that you will be ready to meet their needs.

Tenants are to these real estate spaces what merchants are to a shopping center. There the dynamics has its peculiarities, so everything is adapted to what its users expect.

The spaces configured especially for tenants create very different communities than those that are configured in condominiums of owners. It is precisely for this reason that these projects fit together perfectly, offering facilities for this differentiated interaction.

Any real estate investment is normally well valued and build to rent stands as a specialty that seeks to focus on a specific market niche to be more effective and profitable.

If you are interested in buying or selling bare property, at Rentalias we have years of experience in the real estate sector and in bare property. You will go hand in hand with a team of professionals who are experts in the sector, and not only that, but they are in charge of guaranteeing the well-being of the elderly and promoting their quality of life. Get in touch with us and solve your doubts.




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