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Are you preparing to write an academic paper but do not know a thing about different citation styles? You are not alone in this as most of the students from school and college lack this understanding. A formatting style is a systematic and organized way of formatting a research paper, essay, or cheap essay writing service article. There are many such styles but three are commonly used by academics in their writing. They include APA, MLA, and Chicago formats.


APA Format

APA format is followed by the American Psychological Association as an official citation style for citing and listing sources for psychological writings. However, other social sciences also use this format to organize and draft academic writings. If you have no idea about this formatting style, you may fail to get desired grades from your professor. 


 You can pay for essay to get it done according to APA format but doing it yourself is recommended.  Generally, the APA format for an essay requires in-text citation of an external source. For in-text citation, you provide the second name of the author and year of publication in write my essay for me parenthesis. If there are two or three authors to the same paper, you will follow this method of citation. However, if the number of authors increases, you will provide the second name of the first author et al and publication year in parenthesis. Moreover, at the end of the paper, you also need to add a reference page that includes all the sources that you have consulted for your paper.


MLA Format

Modern Language Association for academic writing has adopted MLA citation style for its academic writing and research papers, journals, and articles. This format helps the authors structure their content systematically and sort the information in an organized manner. You can get desired information about MLA formatting from any essay writing service online if you want to enhance your understanding of it. In-text citation for MLA format requires the last name of the author and page numbers that you have used in the text from an outside source. However, if the author, if the source is unknown, it must be followed by the title of the source and page number. If you have write my essay for me used a direct quote from the source, you also need to add its page in the in-text after the last name of the author within parenthesis. At the end of the paper, you need to add a work cited page to give credit to every author that you have consulted for your paper. 


Chicago Style

Chicago manual style is different from the two above-mentioned styles. It is of two kinds. One is about humanities and the other is about science-related papers and journals. The former is called a bibliography and the latter is called author-date. In the first style, you use footnotes or endnotes to record citation at the end of the page where a detailed bibliography is placed at the end of the paper. In the second, in-text citations are done through parenthesis and a detailed list of references is put at the end of the paper. The first method is commonly used in humanities and the second is adopted in scientific papers and journals.


In this method of citations, citations are included as a number against the direct quotes or summary of the outside source, and a detailed footnote is added in the footnote section of the paper. This style makes no difference among books, articles, journals, or online sources. In the author-date method of professional essay writing service citation, you follow the in-text citation style of APA format, last name of the author, and publication year within parenthesis.   At the end of the paper, you are required to add a bibliography page with a detailed reference of the sources that have been used in the paper. 


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