Monday March 01, 2021 from 04:00 PM to 07:00 PM

Salt Lake City, US

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Students are not always delighted at the prospect of more studies and assignments at the end of the day. When they have already spent a productive day at school or college then why must they go home and spend more time doing homework. With educational institutions increasing the pressure on students, more and more of them are scoring low grades because they simply cannot cope up with the pressure an they typing: do math homework for me. Here are a few tips and suggestions that will highlight the benefits of no homework policy.
The advantages of not having any assignments after school:
When students do not have to rote or memorize a certain chapter after the school hours, they will actually get some time to breath. Having some spare time is very important for the student to develop their personalities. Without the right training they can never become proper responsible adults and this does not include only education.
The student will get time to interact with people from outside school and also play a few games. Games are important for developing a young person’s character. It will also keep them physically fit and active. Only a healthy body can nurse a healthy mind and students should get some time to practice sports.
When a student is scooped up with books all day long, even after school, they get a very little taste of the outside world. When they have less assignments and projects they will be able to go out and have a better understanding of the real world. This way when they grow up, they will not be stranger to the ways of the real world.
Beside the school curriculum there are many other books that a student should read. The more they read, the more they will know. When you are spending hours working on the same book, you will not get any time to enjoy anything else. Without any projects and assignments after school, a student will be able to enjoy literature.
The art of leaning should not be confined only to books. Yet when teachers set assignments, they limit the student’s potential. A young adult gets to learn from everything including a simple conversation or a hobby. The teachers should encourage the students to take part in extracurricular activities like drama or take up a new language. Without assignments to bog them down, a student will be able to dedicate more time for these activities.



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