Analytical Critic of Geography of Bliss

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Geography of Bliss is an attractive title that gets the readers attention as they try to discover the bliss in different geographical locations in the world. Eric Weiner uses this title in order to give a reader an early introduction of what the book is about. By reading the title, a reader is sure of two things to take centre stage in the book: bliss and geography. People like reading about happiness in life, and the topic enables one to appreciate the content of the book as it gives different explanations of happiness and how it is discovered. Eric Weiner travels through different places in the world, in search of happiness. This is a clear depiction of the desire of a man to find happiness in whatever way it may be found. Weiner thus illustrates the pursuit of happiness in his book.

In the book, Weiners tone is casual and employs the sense of humor extensively. Weiner describes various locations he visited, and when illustrating some of the things that he did not like, he uses humor in order to express his disappointment at some of those things. The use of humor helps a reader not to take the seriousness of the problem in that specific area, and hence, concentrates on the places that were identified as providing happiness. Humor helps in distracting a reader from the sad realities of life, but it does not affect the appreciation of the book. A good example is when Weiner describes the Sharma activities that he was forced to take as he searched for his happiness.

The chapter on his visit to India resonated well with me. As he began, he mentioned that visitors who go to India for the first time expect to be welcomed by a scenic beauty, but they are rather disappointed with the reality. When I traveled to India for the first time, I had high expectations of how India would look like, but when I arrived, I was slightly disappointed. Staying there a few days, I finally was able to experience all the tings I had imagined before coming to that country. The description of India and the way it resonated with me made me realize that I was not the only one who went through that experience, which made me appreciate Weiners book even more.

His impressions of various places he visited are quite distinct as he explains in detail most of the things he had a chance to see. I have not had the privilege to travel in those places, but the one place we both visited is India. According to his description of Sharma and the road leading to the place, I took the same path. All the activities that he mentioned to take place in Sharma were true according to what I learnt while I was there, though I did not get the chance to see it. Based on his reflections on various places, Weiner can be considered to be open-minded as he described them in true details with no bias or prejudice.

Weiners purpose of writing the book was to enable a reader experience different locations he personally visited. He carefully presented his arguments and made sure he left no details, hence adding validity to his work. With the people and places described in detail, Weiners work has a high level of validity.

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