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Friday June 11, 2021 01:00 AM To Thursday December 02, 2021 01:00 AM

Alaska, US

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Looking for a new mattress to solve sleeping concerns can take a while. There is a solution in memory foam! Familiarize with it and know the positive aspects of sleeping on one.

Background of Memory Foam

Originally, NASA airplane seats were the goals for creating memory foam. This was back in the middle of the 1960s. Viscoelastic which is soft and absorbs very well produces it. While sleeping, the body follows the shape of the mattress. It is a reaction to pressure and heat which spreads body weight with balance. In the absence of pressure, the original shape returns on it.

Through these features, the memory foam mattress is among the desirable bedroom solutions for the elderly. Responsive air technology is also for heartburn to ease. After the success for NASA, this foam also became suitable for other purposes. Footwear and helmets also liked it as a cushion.

In healthcare, those with severe disabilities can have memory foam as a seating pad. It prevented the occurrence of pressure ulcers. The popularity of this foam expanded onto pillows and mattresses with varying depths and densities.

What to Experience from Memory Foam

Decreases Pressure

Sleeping on a memory foam mattress means it follows the body shape. Pain can exist on certain parts like the neck, shoulders, and hips. These are where pressure goes while asleep. Upon waking up, feel the pressure exerted on them. In having arthritis or joint pain, the contouring feature of the mattress can relieve it. With equal weight on the body during sleep, there is balance.


Having allergies attracts sleeping on a memory foam mattress. It can improve the health concern and prevent it from worsening. The structure is thick and discourages the presence of allergens. These include dust mites, typical irritants, and mold.


As an awesome feature, this type of mattress stays silent during sleep. When there is more than one body on it at night, it can keep the other person sound asleep. Expect peaceful sleep throughout the evening.

Aligns The Spine

The spine keeps the right alignment through the contouring of the mattress. No matter the sleeping position, there is an assurance of comfort throughout the night. This is because the contour takes orders from the natural shape of the body. At the same time, the spine stays in a neutral shape. While asleep, there is minimal turning and tossing on the bed.

Decreases Transfer of Movement

People who share a memory foam mattress can experience sleep without distractions. Even though another person moves around or leaves the bed, sensing this is not possible. The thickness of the foam and an equal spread of pressure on the bed create a sound sleep. Movement on one part of the foam stays in that portion. No disturbance for people on the same bed.

Despite these features of memory foam in the bedroom, it is more expensive than the regular type. But it is worth lying down on.  

It is important to sleep straight during the night free of distractions. The reward is an active mind and energetic disposition in the day. Choose a memory foam mattress.


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