All You Can Eat Buddha (Canadian Film Showcase)

Saturday September 08, 2018 from 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM

Ottawa, CA

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85 minutes
Dir. Ian Lagarde

At the Palacio, a rather forlorn all-inclusive resort somewhere in the Caribbean, there arrives an unusual guest, a gentle French-Canadian behemoth named Mike. After his arrival, unexpected and unusual events begin to take place in this quiet, shabby, sundrenched sanctuary. His voracious appetite, mysterious magnetism, and  otherworldly talents (one of which is as an ‘octopus whisperer’), combine to attract resort staff and tourists alike. Regarded as some kind of spiritual healer, Mike soon finds himself receiving the many and varied affections of those staying at the peculiar resort. His strange, saintly status will eventually complicate not only the operations of the resort itself, but also the intimate personal lives of its staff and guests. Absurdist in some places, magic realist in others, and reminiscent of the deadpan drollery of Aki Kaurismaki and Ulrich Seidl, Ian Lagarde’s arresting debut feature gives new meaning to north-south relations. Enigmatic, eccentric, unforgettable.


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Hosted By

Canadian Film Institute

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The Canadian Film Institute, incorporated over 82 years ago in 1935, organizes a number of popular and exciting film festivals and events in the Ottawa area, including the European Union Film Festival, the Ottawa International Animation Festival, and the Latin American Film Festival.
The Canadian Film Institute (CFI) was incorporated in 1935 as a federally-chartered, non-governmental, non-profit cultural organization. It is the oldest film institution in Canada and the second oldest film institute in the world.


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Where and When
Alma Duncan Salon - Ottawa Art Gallery
10 Daly Ave
Ottawa, ON
Start Date: 2018-09-08 19:00:00
End Date: 2018-09-08 21:00:00