A SWOT analysis of Coca Cola

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A Coca Cola SWOT analysis is as follows:


Strong brand identity: Coca-Cola is a very popular brand with such a distinct identity for the business. The soft drinks are traditionally the most popular drinks.

Extended global reach: It is distributed in more than 200 countries with Company goods reaching 9 billion per day. The organization has launched over 500 new products worldwide. Some of those are Coca-Cola Beverage variants, such as Cherry Coca-Cola and Coco Cola Vanilla. This is known that its brands touch every way of living and demographic. You can get Do my essay help from the experts to get your essays written.

Greatest brand association and customer loyalty: Coca-Cola is known as one of the most socially linked products in the US. This powerful brand is connected to happiness and is highly consumer loyal. Customers may recognize their particular taste quite easily. It is hard for them to find the replacements. For fact, Fanta and Coca-Cola have a huge fan base in the market than other brand brands. You can also take Buy Essay help from the experts.

Dominant Market Share: Coca-Cola has the biggest market share out of the Coca-Cola and Pepsi, the only two major soft drinks makers in the soda category. Coca-Cola's highest growth factors are sprite, coke, fanta, diet coke, maaza and limca.


Aggressive competition with Pepsi: Coca-Cola's biggest rival is the Pepsi. Coca-Cola would have been the significant market leader in beverages had it not been Pepsi. If you want to get assistance from a professional Essay Writer then you can do it too.

Diversification of products: Coca-Cola has poor diversification of the products. Where Pepsi introduced several pieces of snacks such as Kurkure and Lays, Coca-Cola lags in this market. It provides leverage for Pepsi over Coca-Cola.

Health concerns: Carbonated beverages are one of the most important sources of the sugar intake. This adds to two serious health problems such as diabetes and obesity. Coca-Cola is the biggest producer of the carbonated drinks. Most health experts have forbidden such soft drinks from being used. This is a contentious issue for the company. Coca-Cola, though, has not yet invented any safety remedy or solution to this issue. If you want to finish your assignments on time then you can take Assignment Writing Help.


Introduce new products and diversify its segments: Just like Coke, Coca-Cola has the chance to introduce new offers in health and food categories. It can make a contribution to their income, and they can branch off carbonated beverages.

Increase presence in developing nations: Most hot climate areas have the maximum intake for cold beverages. Increasing presence in such areas can therefore be an excellent example for for African countries and Middle Eastern.

Bring advanced supply chain system:  The business of Coca Cola depends largely on the supply chain and the distribution. Fuel and cost of transportation prices are continuously on the rise. Therefore, this can be the opportunity to come up with some new and better distribution systems.


Water usage controversy: Coca-Cola has been faced with many criticisms regarding its water management problem. Many environmental and social groups have argued the company has the vast water consumption in the water-scarce regions. For fact, people have claimed that Coca-Cola pollutes water and blends chemicals with water to remove pollutants.

Packaging controversy: From its published the report in 2017 Greenpeace banned Coca-Cola for using single-use the plastic bottles. It was also blamed for its conservation and regenerative methods.

Direct and indirect competition: Nevertheless, while Pepsi's direct competition is evident in the industry, there are many other firms who indirectly interact with the company Coca-Cola. Costa Coffee, Starbucks, Tropicana, Nescafe and Lipton drinks are the Coca-Cola's indirect rivals that may challenge their market position.

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