4 Cat House Styles That Will Make Your Cat Love You More!

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Shoe boxes, laundry hampers, and even vases, there's no place your cat won't fit in! Even when you live in a relatively small apartment, your cat will find the most obscure hiding places. Why do they do that? And how can you make your cat happy with indoor housing styles? Read on to find the answers and more!

It's All About Evolution

This bizarre behavior all comes down to evolution. Cats love to stay in enclosed spaces because they can hide (from prey) and feel protected when the walls of a box or a planter come into touch with their bodies.

Tight and enclosed spaces also give cats a warm feeling. Rain, wind, and cold drive them to seek cover. A tight place traps body heat in the same way as a glove or sweater does for people. Because cats want to be surrounded, a box that securely surrounds them gives warmth.

Finding the Pur-fect Cat House

Of course, you wouldn't want your cat to sneak in a random box full of files or cuddle in your dirty laundry. So here are indoor litter box for small spaces that will surely make your cat happy!

  • Cylinder Type

This housing is open on both sides, helping your cat feel safe within without feeling claustrophobic. As a result, your cat feels more at ease in his home. Also, because this style does not look like a cat home from the outside, it blends perfectly with the rest of your interior design.

  • Soft Tent

This model, which features a pet-friendly design, is perfect for energetic cats. This indoor cat home building is a beautiful design that allows your cat to engage in some lighthearted play. The cat, for example, can hide at the tent's bottom or gently play within the tent's frame.

You can also ensure that your cat spends a good time outside by removing the awning on this little housing. Plus, it features a minimalist design to go along with the rest of your furniture.

  • Basket Type

If your cat has a bigger build and likes to jump around, this funhouse is for him! The exterior of this basket-type cat house is made up of straw material, so you wouldn't have to worry about your cat scratching and tearing the sofa. This style also features a two-story design: the bottom space where your cat can enter and hide in and a bed with an open top and a comfortable mattress on the upper level.

  • Cat Tree

If you have some space to spare and want to encourage your cats to their instincts, then cat trees are for you! The climbing poles double as scratching posts, allowing the cat to take care of its claws, exercise the surrounding muscles, and leave its scent. The climbing enables a cat to get exercise and is the closest to climbing an actual tree, a natural everyday action for an outdoor cat!

Cat tree for large cats also allows them to feel safe in a prime location away from humans and dogs gazing down on its area. Cat trees are beneficial if you have a baby or small children, as they allow the cat to remain in the same room as the kids while remaining high enough to avoid probing from curious tiny hands!


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